Can You Run Pool Pump With Solar Cover On?

Yes, you can run the pool cover with the pool pump. A pool cover ensures frost protection, less evaporation, fewer chemicals, and fewer temperature fluctuations, and brings about lower costs.

A swimming pool cover can spare you several hours of skimming debris from the pool surface every week. Also, a solar pool cover can keep your pool from getting too cold for swimming during cold periods.

But you still have to run the pool pump, and many people want to know when and when not to run the pool pump. Pool cover owners also want to see if it’s safe or efficient running both the pool pump while the pool cover is on.

Can You Cover the Pool While the Pump Is Running?

Yes, it is safe for the swimming pool pump to run while the solar pool cover is on. In general, it is ideal to cover the pool with a solar cover while the pool pump runs, provided you choose the suitable model.

This can be recognized on the one hand by the fact that it is tailored to the season and by the optimal properties for the intended use.

When should you run the pool pump with the solar cover on?

Firstly, you need to know the situations where the pool pump can run for a long time. Meanwhile, if this is not something you’ve tried before, these are the situations where you can run the pool with the cover on.

  • After applying chemicals to the pool, in this case, you have to keep the pump running for 24 hours so the chemicals can be filtered out. After shocking, you can uncover the pool, but ensure the chemicals have left the water.
  • If the pool is cloudy, you have to run the pool for up to a full day so the water can clear up.
  • You can continue running the pump to keep the pool water warm to prevent pipework freezing during wintertime.

Why Should The Pool Be Covered?

Many pool owners wonder whether they should cover or leave the pool open. To answer this, we will now go into the exact question of why you should cover the pool.

There are a variety of benefits that come with a solar pool cover. It should be noted, however, that the respective positive aspects only arise in connection with the proper use of the cover.

Lower costs

In general, you should cover the pool primarily for cost savings. You not only make water maintenance easier but also, concerning the temperature of the water and its evaporation, a pool cover offers many advantages.

Fewer chemicals

Concerning water care, it is particularly noticeable that the load, especially with larger dirt particles, is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, the chemical composition of the pool water remains more stable, and you can also counteract the formation of algae.

About the necessary maintenance work, these circumstances manifest themselves in saving time and costs, for example, when using the filter system.

Fewer temperature fluctuations

Concerning the water temperature, creating a certain degree of constancy is essential for two reasons. On the one hand, fluctuations in temperature cause instability in the pool chemistry, which must be avoided.

On the other hand, a swimming pool in the countries of Central Europe, for example, loses heat overnight. So, you either have to use a heat pump or wait until the sun has heated the water before taking a swim.

Less evaporation

It is advisable to prevent excessive pool water evaporation on hot summer days.

Frost protection

An insulating cover not only fends off the cold but also the respective consequences that come with it. This includes damage caused by frost, which can be very costly.


In addition, as a pool owner, you are legally obliged to ensure that the pool harms no one. To comply with your respective supervisory duties, you must ensure that the selected pool cover has specific stability or, ideally, has a test seal. With this measure, children and pets, in particular, are better protected against drowning accidents than without an adequate pool cover.

Protection of the environment

Apart from reduced water consumption costs, pool chemical maintenance, and the electricity used, a pool cover also helps protect the environment.

Their use reduces energy consumption, saves water, and, on top of that, fewer chemicals are required. An individually adapted and high-quality pool cover will positively impact daily use.